Indonesia Patisserie School

Pastry & Baking

Basic Classes

IPS basic class, is an introductory class that covers the basic theory and skills set to be used throughout the baking and pastry field. This class will have 33 session where students will be able to learn various recipes of breads, cookies, cakes and tarts.
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Intermediate Classes

Intermediate class, places students in a more advance learning experience of the pastry and baking world. Students will be able to learn various French pastries, tarts and creams. Intermediate class also introduces students the basic class of chocolate making along with its tempering and dipping skills.
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Superior Classes

Superior class, combines all the techniques, knowledge, artistic skills of the previous courses. Students will learn new principles of pastry and baking, making their work intensively artictic and creative. As well, students will be able to learn pastry management which includes; business of bakery, cafe and pastry production.
Superior Course

Enterpreneur Classes

Entrepreneur class includes basic, intermediate, superior, baking class, traditional cakes, cooking class, suitable for those of you who want to open a business.
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Barista Classes

Learn to make a coffee from the Master in Indonesia Patisserie School!
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Decoration Butter Cream Classes

In Course Basic Class will be taught the easiest and best way to learn cake decorating. With decorating Basic Class, you will learn how simple and fun it can be. Indonesia Patisserie School will show you all the steps to getting to fabulous.
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Chocolate Modelling Classes

This is your chance to learn from the Master in private class in Jakarta. With a focus on producing your own chocolate creations, this Class will provide you with the skills in tempering chocolate, filling, moulding, and airbrushing. Join us in this exclusive opportunity to indulge in chocolate and fine food.
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Traditional Cake Classes

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Gelato and Sorbet Classes


Fondant Decoration Classes

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Provided Ingredients
Kitchen & Utensils